Testimonials and Client Feedback

Helen, from Bayswater, Wildcat trained since July 2017

“I’ve been training with LJ for a couple of years, and very happy with the results. She understands quickly the level you’re at, where you want to get to and makes the ‘how to get there’ happen. Technically she is very knowledgeable, there’s no cheating! If you aren’t using a tiny muscle that she wants you to or over training those massive muscles, then she will adjust, explain and make sure you understand to activate in the right place. Most importantly though she reminds you of the importance of recovery and being good to yourself. Thank you LJ you are the best!”

AH, from Putney, Wildcat trained since July 2015

“I approached LJ during the Summer when I realised how unhappy I was with my body image. Being in my teens I felt a kind of pressure to look amazing as bodies and how people look seems to be what most people talk about these days. However the only person I wanted to do this for was myself and having tried to initiate it on my own numerous times before (and always giving up) I decided to seek professional help with improving my diet, incorporating exercise into my weekly routine and just changing my lifestyle all together. It was honestly the best thing I could have done, not only did LJ help me with my nutrition and exercise plans but she has taught me an understanding for it too. I now feel so much more confident when walking into the gym with a pre made workout plan (I always refer back to the sessions I did with LJ) and beginning my week with meal plans that are delicious as well as so much better for me than what I used to eat. LJ also made me understand that everything takes time and fitness isn’t a quick fix, it’s a lifestyle choice so I’m now 4 months into it all and feeling a 100 times better about myself. I know that LJ will always be there if I need her help with anything.”

JW, from Hammersmith, Wildcat trained since December 2014

“When I called LJ I’d been going to the gym a few times a week for 3-4 months, but found that my progress had started to plateau and I was becoming bored. I needed guidance to keep on track and to continue progressing. What I received wasn’t just the guidance, but a personal trainer who actually cared about what my goal was, understood my lifestyle and the challenges that travelling every other week brings, and simply got what made me tick.

I didn’t end up with a plan that had been given to others, it was specific to me, it was flexible, and it allowed me to be creative with my own gym sessions and meal plan rather than telling me what to do military style! That plan continues to change as my goals are achieved and new ones are set, and LJ is always on hand for motivation and advice, even outside of our sessions.

Having had so many false starts over the years I could never have dreamt the progress I would make so quickly, both in strength and physical shape through LJ’s training, changes in my diet, and her ability to motivate me to push harder both in our sessions and on my own in the gym.

I now workout 6 times a week and love it to the point that I miss it when it’s a rest day; something I would never have expected in a million years! I feel healthier, look better, have more energy, I’m more focused at work and am generally feeling happier than I’ve ever been, and for that I can only thank LJ.”

Ennis, from Hammersmith, Wildcat trained since February 2014:

“At the start of this year (2014) I wanted to do something about my fitness and appearance. I met with LJ to talk through my goals, availability and budget and from that moment including my trial session we got on. LJ has an infectious energy in her approach and has been my rock in helping me work towards my goal, tailoring my sessions to my specific goals and offered great flexibility in my sessions to fit with work and personal commitments. Almost 10 months have passed and I feel fitter, stronger and more confident in myself. Thank you LJ! :-)”

Polly, from Shepherds Bush, Wildcat trained since May 2014:

“LJ is a really fantastic trainer, after each class I feel like I have had a really great work out and very motivated to keep my fitness up. Not only does LJ challenge my body but she has also educated me a lot. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has taught me how to really isolate the working muscles to maximise results.(We are still working on my breathing 🙂 )

Before working out with LJ, I considered myself pretty fit – I was exercising regularly with a combination of running and body pump/attack classes but I wanted to see more physical results. Since training with LJ from May this year, I can definitely see new muscle definition and feel a lot leaner in my core. In October I ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon and hit my PB target of 1.55, I was really chuffed and I know that the extra work that I have been doing with LJ contributed to this.

LJ works with you completely, is super lovely and super flexible.

I 100% recommend her!”

Kim, from Shepherds Bush, Wildcat trained since January 2014:

“I started working out with LJ in order to help me improve my fitness level before climbing Mt Kilimanjaro this September – a particularly hard feat, as I am not a huge fan of the gym. But LJ approached each session in such a personal and passionate way, that I’m amazed to say our sessions have become one of the highlights of my week! LJ is very thoughtful about each session, and takes the time to explain why we are doing certain exercises and how they will specifically help me achieve my goals. Most importantly, LJ is both extremely supportive while still always pushing and challenging me to work harder than I thought I could.

Just try one session with LJ and I think you’ll find that, if nothing else, you will be taken in by her positive energy and obvious passion for personal training. Highly highly recommended!”


Lucy, from Parson’s Green, Wildcat trained since March 2013:

“I have just finished my first 12 sessions with Wildcat Fitness and I can’t wait to book in for the next 12. LJ has managed to tailor sessions that provide results and quickly! Within the first 3 sessions I already felt much better and my recovery time after the sessions were notably shorter. She has an incredible amount of knowledge about fitness and really gets to grips to what you (as a client) want to achieve. I would highly recommend Wildcat Fitness to people of any fitness level!”

Amit, from Mumbai, Wildcat trained since July 2013:

“I live in Mumbai and travel often to London and usually I go jogging or for a walk in the park. But in the recent visit I decided to train with LJ who was recommended by a friend. I trained with LJ for five days intensively and it was quite amazing. We did different work outs each day and after each session, I left fully energised. LJ gives personal attention and gets you going. I am now going to work out again with Wildcat Fitness in Sept when I am visiting London.”

Julia, from Acton, Wildcat trained since June 2013:

“I have been training with LJ for one year now and she is fantastic! Every session is different and she really takes into account which exercises you like and does not make you do things you absolutely hate. The results are incredible: a year ago I loved to avoid all physical exercise but she turned me into someone who really loves working out. This is not only because of the nicely planned sessions but also because they are always great fun and her bright and friendly personality make it a lot easier. She also understands if you are not in the best mood or you have to cancel a session. I really recommend working out with LJ to everyone who is trying to find a good personal trainer.”

Katie, from Hammersmith, Wildcat trained since February 2014:

“I moved to Brook Green a couple of months ago and was looking for a personal trainer to help me shed the post Xmas (and après ski) pounds, increase my self esteem and whip me in shape for an upcoming beach holiday.

I’ve just finished two months training with LJ and I feel absolutely fantastic. LJ has an incredibly bubbly personality and her positive attitude and passion for fitness makes working out, getting fit and staying healthy fun. LJ listens carefully to your lifestyle, eating habits and fitness goals and tailors a bespoke workout and nutrition plan that are really easy to follow, even when you are not training with her. Her sessions are varied (she focuses on specific areas of the body each session) and she really motivates you to challenge yourself each week. I really valued LJ’s support and encouragement during the final sessions when I was really pushing myself to achieve the ‘beach body’ goal and, after the final session with LJ before my holiday, the results I had achieved through just two months really spoke for themselves.

I cannot wait to continue my next block of training with LJ and would highly recommend her to anyone in West London looking for a personal trainer.”

Kristine, from Notting Hill, Wildcat trained since January 2014:

“Fantastic Personal Trainer!! Would definitely recommend!
As a new year resolution I made the decision to get fit and contacted Lisa-Jane. I had never worked out with a personal trainer before and wasn’t sure what to expect but thought I’d try some one-to-one sessions. LJ has an incredibly bubbly personality and is extremely positive which makes the workout fun and I really look forward to my sessions each week. She listened carefully to everything that I said about my lifestyle, fitness and health and each week she designs a bespoke workout that targets specific areas of the body. The workouts change from session to session, so they are kept fresh, interesting and focused. LJ is always very friendly and motivating, challenging you to push yourself and offering lots of encouragement. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything clearly and in detail. Through specifically targeted strengthening exercises, LJ has helped to diminish my stress headaches and back ache, which were caused by bad posture and tension. After 3 months of working out twice per week, people are noticing the difference and commenting on it. I feel like I have so much more energy and feel more focused on everything I’m doing. I can’t believe how quickly she has helped me to tone and change the shape of my body, I really did not expect such noticeable results after just 3 months! I would highly recommend LJ to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”

Simon and Angela, from Hammersmith, Wildcat trained since October 2013:

“From the very first session we have really enjoyed training with LJ. We always look forward to the sessions and regardless of what the workout contains, we always walk out with a smile on our faces and feeling much better.

LJ perfectly balances being personal and professional, being interested in us as people, not just as clients. She puts time and effort in to planning each session, and has great variety within and between sessions. She constantly adapts and progresses exercises so our bodies keep responding. We really appreciate her focus on the technique for all exercises, so we learn the correct way to train without compromising our bodies at all.

We started training with LJ as a kickstart for our health and fitness, but have enjoyed it so much that we keep coming back for more.”

Mark, from Los Angeles, Wildcat trained since January 2014:

“I trained several times with Lisa-Jane during a recent business trip to London. She was very flexible in terms of making things work with my schedule, and the sessions were really well organised and thought out. She’s enjoyable to be with in addition to providing a great workout and I recommend her highly to anyone looking for a really good personal trainer in London.”

P, from Kings Cross, Wildcat trained since August 2013:

“I started training with LJ after the summer and was really unhappy with the shape I was in. But as soon as I started training with LJ I could see my body respond to every single workout and saw constant progress, which was really satisfying. Additionally LJ is just such a lovely and funny person therefore training with her is not awkward like it sometimes is with personal trainers, you feel more like you’re doing a workout with a friend 🙂
I can strongly recommend Wildcat Fitness! LJ would always be my first choice if I needed a personal trainer again!”

Debbi, from Kensal Green, Wildcat trained since July 2013:

“I met LJ with no specific goal, – no wedding or marathon to run, but just that I wanted to keep fit, strong and healthy. At our initial meeting LJ listened very carefully to me talk about my life style, – I could only spare an hour a week to train which her, and outside that the reality was I wouldn’t be able to do much other exercise. We discussed my diet, and LJ suggested some solutions to balance my busy lifestyle and some sensible nutrition.

The sessions are great, nothing feel forced, the atmosphere is one of support and encouragement, they are fun and yet focused, I look forward to training, LJ has an incredible technical knowledge, the sessions are so carefully planned and balanced, and have delivered exactly what I wanted.

Quietly week by week my body has responded to the training, never could I have achieved in the gym alone what LJ has done with me in 5 months. An hour a week, it’s not much, yet the results are great, don’t get me wrong, the extra energy I have is great, the fact that I have dropped a jean size is fab, everyone has noticed that I look good, that’s all great, but more than any of that, I feel good about myself, and without LJ’s support and gentle encouragement I wouldn’t be in such a good place as I am now.”

Rachael, from Fulham, Wildcat trained since August 2013:

“LJ’s positive attitude and reassurance on our first meeting certainly eradicated any scepticism I had about working with a personal trainer! I am so happy with the results I have seen in the last 8 weeks and am so grateful for all the help and support along the way to keep me motivated and on course. Would highly recommend to anyone who is considering a personal trainer!”

Chris, from Shepherd’s Bush, Wildcat trained since October 2012:

Chris’ photos above – from left – January 2013, then centre and right taken May 2013 – amazing progress in 5 months!

“I’ve been a gym member for around 3 years and had developed my own training plan. That, combined with playing football meant I was fairly fit. I was pretty happy but had somewhat plateau-ed so thought I’d give personal training a go over the winter. LJ developed a plan after we’d chatted about what I was looking to achieve – and also gave me loads of advice on nutrition. It took about four weeks for me to start noticing a difference. What’s shocked me most was that I wasn’t lifting heavier weights, I was just training differently but seeing much more obvious results. Looking back now, before I was maintaining my fitness, but not progressing. And it’s not just physically that I’ve noticed a difference – I have loads more energy now. And I also miss training when I haven’t been for 2 or 3 days. LJ is a great trainer – she listens, develops a bespoke plan for you and is always encouraging and knows how to push you forward to achieve the goals you want.”

Hanna, from Acton, Wildcat trained since June 2012:

“I’ve been training with LJ for 10 months now, finding her motivating charisma and positive energy is pushing myself harder and has given me a will to learn more. Her varied classes, exercises and knowledge has begun to really show the results I am working so hard for!”

But why take my word for it? If you’d like a reference, or indeed to speak directly to any of my current or previous clients about their experience of working with Wildcat Fitness then please just ask. I pride myself on the strength of my client relationships! After all, a tiger has to earn their stripes…..

Photography by Anna Rachel @annarachphotography

By Ju: Just wanted to say how much I love your workout cards that come with my Lifebox. Really good fun! I am due to have a hysterectomy soon and want to get as fit as I can beforehand so they’ve come at exactly the right time for me. I guess I’m not your target audience but I just wanted to say thanks