One thing is for absolute certain, you really can't out-exercise a bad diet. The cliches are true - abs really are created in the kitchen and honed in the gym - you could perform crunch after crunch, plank after plank, but if you're eating the wrong foods you'll never see the abdominal definition you've been working for.

The good news is that with some small and simple tweaks, you can start to see some big changes to the way you look and feel. It's hard to know what to do for the best after being bombarded day after day with mixed messages from the media and internet - carbs are bad/carbs are good, eat protein to build muscle/protein makes you fat, eat low fat or diet foods/don't put sweeteners into your body..... I am sure you have many more to add to the list. Part of my role is to help keep you on the "straight and narrow" when it comes to your diet and nutrition, so head on over to the Wildcat Blog and click on the recipe tab for a full archive of all the healthy and nutritious Wildcat Fitness recipes, many of which are staples in my own personal diet.

If you want help with your nutrition then please get in touch with me to discuss Online Nutritional Coaching and I can help you with detailed analysis of your diet and eating habits, as well as recommendations to compliment your training programme and help you get fitter and feel leaner. Sometimes a bowl of Whiskas just isn't enough for a Wildcat.....